Welcome to the Tricorder Federation, a community of Star Trek fans who support the $10M Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE to bring the medical Tricorder to life. The competition is already underway with 30 teams from 9 countries competing to make science fiction science reality. Just think what the world will look like when healthcare is no longer stuck in, as Dr. McCoy would put it, “the Dark Ages.” When noninvasive diagnostic tools and treatments are as common as communicators…er, mobile phones.

The competition is incentivizing teams to create a Tricorder that will monitor and diagnose numerous conditions from anemia, diabetes (type 2) and pneumonia to tuberculosis and stroke. No bad for 21st century technology, huh? Take that, “stone knives and bearskins.”

So, how can you help? Become a part of our campaign with the Trek Photo App. Enlist, sign up, follow and share! The more people who know about our mission to make a real-life Tricorder, the better chance we have of making sure the wining device comes to market so that you, your family and friends can truly live long and prosper.